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Ep2: How to Cultivate Resilience & Why Resilience contributes to happiness

Ep#2: How to cultivate resilience & why it contributes to happiness

  • How the 8 elements of resilience relates to covid-19?
  • Why some of those elements of resilience also contribute to happiness?
  • How do we cultivate each element of resilience?
  • 8 element of resilience model: biology, self-awareness, self-regulation, mental agility, optimism, self-actualization, connection, positive institution.
  • PERMA model of happiness: postive emotions, engagement, relationship, meaning, accomplishment.
  • Course: Positive Psychology: Resilience Skills on Cousera https://www.coursera.org/learn/positive-psychology-resilience/home/welcome
  • Book: Automic Habits

Ep1: 5 Mindsets for Thriving Through Uncertainty

Podcast Ep 1: 5 Mindsets for Thriving through Coronavirus, this Time of Uncertainty

5 Powerful Mindsets for Thriving Through Coronavirus

1. Human beings are antifragile.

2. The optimistic mindset.

3. Other people matter.

4. Know your limits.

5. Our identities and preferences are more fluid than we think.

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