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Month: May 2020

Ep5: How to Improve Daily Communication (4 Practical Tips)


Listening on all platforms: https://pod.link/asmallgathering/episode/5c32c99520a1c3c21f74d65e543859cb

Dealing with our loved ones every day during the lockdown can pose a challenge for us. In this episode, I offer you four tips to improve your daily communication.

Tip 1: Being Curious

Tip 2: Clarifying and Validating

Tip 3: Acknowledging

Tip 4: Offering up

Ep4: Emotional Bids and how to Handle Them Well


Listening on all platforms: https://pod.link/asmallgathering/episode/6ec572d1a49a87e2255aeed892a18582

1. What is an Emotional Bid?

2. How to answer a bid when we don’t have enough time & energy?

3. How to answer a negative bid, aka conflict? Use PIES!

4. How to answer to a positive bid? Be a joy multiplier.

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